Chakra, Yoga & Reiki Full Series with Free Sound Bowl Session

Event Date:

March 5, 2021

Event Time:

7:00 pm

Event Location:

Noel Fire Hall

Chakra, Yoga & Reiki series, a beautiful collaboration of deepening our connection to the seven main Chakras through wisdom, Yoga & Reiki. Michelle shares her perspective on the body’s basic Chakra System, taking a deeper dive into each. Ashley guides us into poses, opening the Chakra(s) we’re focused on. Reiki during Savasana is offered by Michelle.

The finale will have Kristyn joining us to play the sound bowls as we consolidate all of our knowledge through wisdom, Yoga, Reiki and the Sound Bowls.

Together we will explore several simple ways to support each Chakra in our day to day routines and learn how we can decode what our body may be telling us! The function of each Chakra assists with bringing our bodies into spiritual, emotional, mental and physical balance. Often when we feel struggle, tuning into these Chakra energies can be beneficial for our overall well-being. 

This event is open to all and all belief systems and beginner soul seekers are encouraged and welcomed.

Listen to Michelle explain Chakras to Ashley. 

Root Chakra – I am safe. Our Root Chakra is the foundation of our main Chakra System. It supports our feeling of safety, stability, security and can help us channel connection to our Ancestors and family roots. An open Root Chakra will aid us in feeling grounded and strong in decisions about moving forward in the highest and best way. 

Sacral Chakra – I am passionate. Our Sacral Chakra houses our creative energy and our fire! It supports our passions, desires, our sensuality and our sexuality! Tuning into our womb also connects us to our mother and grandmothers’ energy helping us feel more powerful in our divine feminine! An open Sacral Chakra will definitely spice up your life with creativity and sensuality but it is also a portal for any deep generational healing that you are here to help heal.

Solar Plexus – I am brave. Our Solar Plexus Chakra holds space for us to shine bright! Powered by the Sun, it supports our ability to move forward with courage, strength and confidence! Nurturing our Solar Plexus Chakra will boost our self-esteem and our belief in ourselves to accomplish whatever we desire! An open Solar Plexus Chakra ushers in exciting strides forward with grace and ease!

Heart Chakra – I am love. Our Heart Chakra of course hosts space for love and compassion. It really is true that you cannot love another without first loving yourself and this is not always an easy task. When we bring our attention down and into our heartspace, that’s where the real magic happens! There is no other connection quite so strong as an open Heart Chakra – it heralds unconditional love, compassion, kindness and generosity for all.

Throat Chakra – I am free. Our Throat Chakra is the bridge between our heart and expression of our authentic self! It supports our ability to speak clearly and truthfully, listen with patience and acceptance, and it is one of our largest tools! An open Throat Chakra will help us communicate and express our free will and help us to clearly state our needs!

Third Eye Chakra – I am open. Our Third Eye Chakra is the window of our intuition! The gift with this Chakra is its ability to see both inner and outer worlds. The host of our imagination, when nurtured our Third Eye can become a reliable source of guidance and information to help us along our journey. An open Third Eye Chakra will help you connect to messages from your guides and angels through dreams and visions.

Crown Chakra – I am connected. Our Crown Chakra is the portal for connection to all that is. Our most “spiritual” Chakra, the Crown invites the notion that we are all connected to one source and through this understanding we can bring about harmony in our lives and our community. An open Crown Chakra will help release worries and repetitive negative thought patterns while ushering in a more positive mindset.


Sorry, this event is expired and no longer available.

Event FAQs

What should I bring?
Your yoga mat and your mask (to wear until you're settled on your mat).

A blanket for Savasana if you desire.

Dress in warm, comfortable clothing.
Where is the class exactly?
Located at Noel fire hall. There is a door to the left of the truck bays that will take you upstairs- enter there!
Total Seats: 7
  • Noel Fire Hall
  • 639 Burntcoat Road
  • Noel
  • NS
  • B0N2C0
  • Canada

Event Schedule Details

  • March 5, 2021 7:00 pm   -   8:00 pm
  • March 12, 2021 7:00 pm   -   8:00 pm
  • March 19, 2021 7:00 pm   -   February 19, 2021 8:00 pm
  • March 26, 2021 7:00 pm   -   February 26, 2021 8:00 pm
  • March 31, 2021 7:00 pm   -   March 3, 2021 8:00 pm

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